March 23, 2023

From 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.


This conference will take place face-to-face (University of Malta, Msida MSD 2080, Malta) and remotely (the access link will be sent to registrants by email the day before the event).

A systems thinking approach to managing diversity in education

We will organize a round table composed of experts and non-experts, in order to discuss together what has been learned by the international experts in systems thinking present in the first part of the conference, and to try to apply them to the context local educational system, in order to operationally implement tangible measures for better management of the various diversities present in our communities today. 

The presence of high authorities but also of representatives of the various school stakeholders (heads of establishments, teachers, LSAs, parents, psychologists, etc.) but also of experts in systemic thinking, mental health, management of diversity, special needs, etc. are essential to move from theory to practice and to create a tangible action plan that takes into account both the resources but also the possible difficulties that we may encounter or that we already encounter as a nation to build an enriched society and more inclusive.  

The round table will invite: Hon Clifton Grima, Minister of Education or DG. Colin Callejja, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr Louise Camilleri & Dr Paul Attard Baldacchino (transdisciplinary approach); Mr. Patrick Decelis B.Ed. College Principal Head College Network, Dr. Claudette Portelli (specialist in diversity management, mental health and well-being), Marica Gatt (parent of a child with special needs and manager of the San Miguell Center).  

We will also have the honor of having the presence of expert guests from the University of Macerata: Paola Nicolini (professor at the University of Macerata and cultural advisor to the municipality of Recanati), Matteo Papantuono (professor at the University of Macerata, specializing in diversity management), Sergio Mistica (Laboratorio degli idee, Fabriano), Francesco Rocchetti, teacher at Loreto secondary school).


Hon. Clifton GRIMA

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Education Minister

Claudette PORTELLI


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Lecturer and practitioner of systems thinking - PhD in Psychology, CTS psychologist, trainer and coach (Italy - Malta). Author of "Knowledge through change", "Obsessions, compulsions, manias: understand them and overcome them quickly" and "Le nuove dipendenze".

A systems approach to managing diversity in education

Over the past two decades, the Maltese education system has undergone many changes, due to great diversity (ethnicity, languages, religions, disabilities and abilities, gender identification, e-learning, mental health issues, etc. diversities can become either a limit or a resource for the individual, the school but also for the educational system as a whole, depending on how they are managed or badly managed.The objective of our intervention at this conference is to try to highlight how systems thinking can be applied to make diversity management more effective and efficient in the educational context.The idea of ​​this conference is to create an opportunity that can bring together experts and non- experts to discuss:

- how systems thinking is used or can be used, 

- to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its application,

- and to try to propose some good practices from research and practical experiences in order to exploit diversities to promote good organizational change in the education system.  

Good organizational change and development requires a systemic thinker and an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to addressing complex organizational challenges.

Additionally, various research shows that diversity management experience can lead to a more systemic mindset, which appears to generate better problem-solving and communication skills.


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Dean of the Faculty of Education