March 23, 2023

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


This conference will take place face-to-face (30 Cours Suchet, 69002 LYON) and remotely (the access link will be sent to subscribers by email the day before the event).

The brief therapy of the School of Palo Alto: towards a medicine without added suffering?

Among non-drug therapies, brief therapy according to the Palo Alto school can support caregivers, patients and families by relieving pain and leading everyone to take responsibility. If we cannot change the disease, we can modify the relationship that the patient maintains with his pain and the perception he has of it, by focusing on the context and the people present when it appears. It is thus possible to help people with pain by contributing to “medicine without added suffering”. This is the approach proposed by Nathalie Goujon, a psycho-practitioner trained since 2003 in brief and strategic therapy according to the Palo Alto school, at the Gregory Bateson Institute in Liège. It often consists of proposing a 180° turn, that is to say the opposite of the actions carried out until now to solve the problem and reduce suffering.

The speakers and their conference

Moderator: Damien RICHARD

Nathalie GOUJON

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Dear Pains: Brief Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief

Relieve chronic pain thanks to brief therapy, according to the school of Palo Alto: here is a new method that allows sufferers to regain control over pain! A demonstration of the solutions offered by this approach through clinical cases.

The principle ? Brief and strategic therapy according to the Palo Alto school often consists of proposing a 180° turn, that is to say the opposite of the actions carried out until now to solve the problem and relieve pain. Surprising but effective, as the clinical cases presented by Nathalie will show, from her professional practice and presented in her latest book Dear Pain: Brief Therapy to Relieve Chronic Pain” (Solar Editions, 2022).


Nathalie Goujon trained, from 2003, in brief and strategic therapy according to the school of Palo Alto, at the Gregory Bateson Institute in Liège (representative for Europe of the MRI ). It works in close collaboration with representatives of medicine (general practitioners, algologists, paediatricians, etc.) and psychiatry in Lyon or Paris, in order to propose innovative solutions thanks to the Palo Alto model. Therapist, trainer, supervisor and author of Medicine Without Added Suffering (2017), she regularly writes articles illustrating her clinical practice. In 2021, she created the IFR palo alto ( to promote this therapeutic approach.


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Damien will lead the round table and share the results of recent work in management sciences mobilizing this systemic and strategic approach of the Palo Alto school.

  • "The Palo Alto approach at the service of a more humane, empathetic and effective medicine", Management & Sciences Sociales, (to be published December 2023) (with Chabanet D., Goujon N., Yanat Z.)
  • “The Palo Alto approach: an alternative for managing malaise in organizations? », Research in Management Sciences , n°134, 2019, p. 161 to 186, row 3 FNEGE, row B HCERES (with Chabanet D., Chakor T., Goujon N.)

“Operative diagnosis and intervention strategy of the Palo Alto approach in resolving occupational health issues: results from the SYPRENE network of practices”, rank 3 FNEGE, rank B HCERES. being reviewed in Revue Interdisciplinary Management, Homme & Entreprise (RIMHE) (with Vitry G., Becuwe A.)

Teacher-researcher in management, INSEEC Grande Ecole (on availability)

Icam, Meaning & Work Chair ( )

Associate researcher CERAG Chair in Occupational Health and Management, (University of Grenoble Alpes) ( )

He teaches in organization theory, management and leadership, business ethics in Grande Ecole and in permanent training with managers. His research focuses on new forms of organization, well-being at work and the overall performance of organizations. He regularly publishes articles in national and international scientific journals. Also a certified professional coach, he supports teams within public and private organizations in the diagnosis and implementation of actions aimed at linking well-being at work and sustainable performance, in particular by using the systemic and strategic model of Palo Alto school.

Beatrice Paquier

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Béatrice will share her testimony as a practitioner on the use of this non-drug therapy to relieve chronic pain based on clinical cases.

Resuscitator anesthesiologist, trained in acupuncture and Ericksonian hypnosis