March 23, 2023

From 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.


This conference will take place remotely. The access link will be sent to registrants by email the day before the event.

Company and system: cross-references

At a time when personal development is the big star of the management of malaise; relational development, on the other hand, considers that it is not people who are dysfunctional but their relationships.


In its most authentic exercise, the strategic systemic approach offers every individual the opportunity to become an actor in their interactions.

Today, in business, the evolution of working methods, the economic climate and the race for performance are all elements of an obscure context for serene interpersonal dynamics.

How to empower without making employees feel guilty or how can the strategic systemic approach contribute to improving business relations to ultimately gain in efficiency?

At the crossroads of our theoretical, practical and systemic views, the ambition of our conference is to offer participants a different vision of relational dynamics in various situations of corporate life. 

This conference is aimed at all the key players in the company who wish to discover new avenues for the development of their employees.

The speakers and their conference

Benedicte Crucis

  1. Biography

Bénédicte Crucis is a systemician and founder of the firm MEETWIZ (specialized in supporting human relations through the strategic systemic approach). Convinced by this approach, and passionate about inter-individual dynamics, she is convinced that it is not people who are dysfunctional but their relationships. Member of the SYPRES office (Union of System Practitioners), she accompanies managers and executives in the discovery of the model and its application.


  1. Biography

Karine Duquesne is General Manager France of the LEO PHARMA laboratory, a key player in medical dermatology which combines constant mobilization and a holistic approach to work on the quality of life of patients (5,000 employees in the group - nearly 90 million patients per year). As a true team leader, she only demands from others what she herself is capable of giving. Karine is passionate about people and their dynamics; whatever her position, she ensures the harmony of relationships and the motivation of her employees.


  1. Biography

Frédéric Pauthier is Director of Human Resources and General Affairs of the MGEN Group, the leading mutual insurance company for public service agents, and a major player in the VYV Group (10 million people protected in health - 900 healthcare structures - 35,000 employees - 2,600 elected officials) . He is passionate about Human Wealth issues, organizational and digital transformations, as well as governance issues. Supporting the women and men of the company through the empowerment, commitment and recognition of each is its principle of action.


  1. Biography

Sophie Guillaume is Managing Director France, Benelux and Switzerland of the subsidiary PharmaLex, born from the merger between BlueReg and PharmaLex arc in January 2023 and world leader in specialized services for the Pharma, Biotech and Medtech industries (3,000 employees, 70 offices in 32 countries and more than 1,600 customers worldwide). 

Passionate about transformations, Sophie Guillaume acts as integration manager on several internal merger projects. With more than 25 years of experience in growing, structuring and leading international companies in a life sciences environment, Sophie Guillaume is committed to ensuring smooth change management, experienced management of multicultural teams and a stable positioning of the company.