Bogota CTS

March 23, 2023

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


This conference will take place face-to-face (Centro de Terapia Estratégica, Bogotá - Calle 70a no 10-42 - Colombia) and remotely (the access link will be sent to registrants by email the day before the event).

3 problems worked on using Brief Strategic Therapy, and their respective approaches according to the originality of the patient.

We will present 3 intervention proposals worked under the advanced approach of Prof. Giorgio Nardone , and the respective contributions of each of the speakers, according to the originality of the person or the family to be treated: infidelity in the couple / fear of being inadequate / juvenile anorexia.

The speakers and their conference


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How to Revive Love Through Brief Therapy

In the light of EBT, useful strategies are proposed to overcome the crisis produced by infidelity, in order to save the couple relationship in which love has prevailed, but which is on the verge of breaking up because the victim feels that the pact of loyalty that existed between them has been betrayed. 

Professional profile :

  • High-level clinical mastery in strategic brief therapy from the CTS of Arezzo, Italy.
  • Master's degree in Clinical and Family Psychology from Santo Tomás University in Bogotá.
  • Academic Expert in Systemic-Rational Model from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.
  • Private therapist.
  • University professor and clinical practice supervisor at the University of the Andes and at the Centro de Terapia Estratégica de Bogotá.

Maria Andrea HERNANDEZ


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A case of juvenile anorexia in light of the evolved TBE protocol

Eating disorders have evolved dramatically over the decades. Previously a type of strategic-systemic family intervention focused on dismantling sacrificial dynamics in families, this intervention is now evolving into a more individual approach emphasizing the channeling of frustrated sensitivity through innovative tools to this type of young patients with anorexia. An intervention of this evolution of the protocol will be presented.


Psychologist - Psychotherapist, specialist in phobias, fears, obsessive compulsive disorders, depression, sexual dysfunctions and eating disorders, among others. Director of the Didactic Center for Brief Strategic Therapy in Colombia (CTE - Bogotá). Master in Brief Strategic Therapy (Italy). Founder of the service "Terapia al Alcance de Todos". Affiliate and CTS representative of Prof. Giorgio Nardone . Collaborates with the Javeriana University and the Albalá de Cali Institute.


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THE FEAR OF BEING INADEQUATE: how to overcome the inquisitor who lies dormant in us.

From the model of Brief Strategic Therapy by Professor Giorgio Nardone , different specific interventions have been established to deal with this heavy feeling of being inadequate, impostor and even condemned by an inner inquisitor. An intervention is presented following the protocol established for this typology in order to guide the patient so that he recovers and/or builds confidence in his own resources and restores the value of this healthy capacity for reflection and self-criticism which is essential for personal growth.

  • High level Clinical Master in Brief Strategic Therapy, from the CTS of Arezzo Italy.
  • Master in Communication, Problem Solving and Strategic Coaching, CTS Arezzo Italy.
  • Master's degree in Psychology with specialization in research in clinical psychology, well-being and relational processes, from the National University of Colombia.
  • Therapist in private practice. 
  • university teacher